Behron & Associates

Behron & Associates has been providing geospatial consulting for organizations since 2005, with the current focus on assisting organizations fly drones safely, effectively, and legally. Behron & Associates provide clients with expertise to identify useful applications, determine the appropriate drone and sensor combination, develop the appropriate workflows ensuring maximum results, all while operating legally within the constantly changing regulatory environment. Past and present clients include The World Wildlife Fund, Esri, Eagle Digital Imaging, NASA and Osmose Utility Services

Ron Behrendt, Managing Director

Prior to starting Behron & Associates, Ron Behrendt was one of the founding members and CEO of Positive Systems, Inc., an industry leader in the development and use of digital aerial photography systems. During the past nine years, Ron has helped clients apply airborne LiDAR & GIS technologies to a variety of applications. From these activities, Ron gained significant experience and understanding in many aspects of remote sensing & GIS, which he is now utilizing to fly drones successfully. Currently focused on aiding organizations start and manage drone programs, Ron is guiding Behron & Associates into an industry leadership position by providing practical advice and insights enabling clients to quickly achieve results with this exciting new technology.

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