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Considering starting a drone program?  Have a fledgling program up and running?  Here at Behron & Associates, we can help you be successful implementing this exciting new technology.

How To Take Advantage Of The Drone Revolution 

GIS Powered Drone Workflows:

Leveraging 25+ years of airborne remote sensing and GIS experience, Ron Behrendt, Behron’s Managing Director will help you create workflows that WORK!  If your organization uses GIS, why not leverage your existing IT infrastructure to store, manage, analyze and share your drone collected information?  

  • Start With The Right Drone: No, they are not all created equal!  Like automobiles, there are different shapes and sizes designed for different tasks.  Don’t use a sports car while trying to be a soccer Mom.
  • Add The Most Appropriate Sensor(s):  RGB, NDVI, IR, LiDAR…sounds confusing.  Not when you’ve got Behron & Associates on your team helping you make the right sensor decisions so you end up collecting the right data.
  • Store & Manage:  GIS was designed for storing and managing large amounts of geospatial data.  Turns out, its perfect for almost all kinds of drone data.  So instead of spending hours looking through directory folders for the pictures you took last Tuesday of the water tower, why not just go to a map, locate the water tower and grab the nearby pictures?
  • Analyze: Crop health, cracked insulator on an electric transmission tower, volumetric measurements of quarry stockpiles….its why you flew the drone in the first place.  We can guide you on the best ways to turn your raw data into actionable GIS information.
  • Share: Once you have actionable information, no sense keeping it to yourself.  Use modern cloud and internet technologies to make sure those that need to know, no matter where they are, have easy access to the results your team worked so hard to produce. 

Design, Develop, & Manage Pilot Projects:

Want to give it a try?  Not sure what to do first?  Behron will be with you every step of the way, making sure your first experience is a great experience.


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Photo courtesy of Perter Eredics
Photo courtesy of Peter Eredics

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