wwfIn the field of wildlife conservation, the key to success is collaboration. It is thanks to our partnership with Behron and Associates and the extensive expertise of Ron Behrendt that we successfully created and launched our project to assess the application of Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) to monitor black-footed ferret habitat on the Fort Belknap Reservation in Montana. Ron’s contributions were critical in determining what UAS system to fly, camera and software to use, how to plan and implement UAS flights and process images, and which partners to recruit. From his exceptional project management and technical knowledge to his organizational and communication skills, Ron is an invaluable partner to World Wildlife Fund and we are looking forward to working with him on many future projects.

Kristy Bly, Senior Wildlife Conservation Biologist, World Wildlife Fund

“I have worked with Ron Behrendt in a number of different capacities for more than 20 years, and enthusiastically recommend him for any organization seeking expertise in the marketing or application of LiDAR or other geospatial technologies.  Ron has an excellent ability to evaluate products and markets and quickly identify strengths and weaknesses, leading to very effective plans for business development, both short term and long term.  In addition to his technical skills, Ron has excellent connections and relationships across the geospatial industry, and his business ethics are absolutely uncompromising.”
Cody Benkelman, Technical Product Manager – Imagery

logo-nature-notagline“Ron has been instrumental to the Nature Conservancy’s efforts to apply LiDAR technology to Forest Carbon Emissions mapping and accounting.  His guidance and encouragement have helped us to line up the tools and knowledge necessary to make LiDAR an integral part of our research into the carbon emissions for selective logging in East Kalimantan Indonesia.   He has a unique combination of technical competence and real-world savvy appropriate to the incredible potential of LiDAR as an emerging technology.”
Peter Ellis, Forest Carbon Science Analyst



logo_01Ron has been a vital resource to Clearion Software and our customers as the utility industry has grappled with the rapidly evolving role of LiDAR in Vegetation Management. Ron’s knowledge of both proven and emerging technologies is the driving force behind our partnership, and it has has enabled us to deliver successful LiDAR projects as well as to bring practical applications of 3D Analysis, PhoDAR, and UAVs/UASs to our customers. In addition to being a great guy to work with, Ron’s success results from his unique ability to combine deep technical expertise with the creativity required to maneuver complex projects through to completion.

Chris Kelly, Senior Vice President, Clearion Software LLC


PNM Resources engaged Ron Behrendt as a consultant to help us prepare for a new LiDAR gathering effort for the Vegetation Management team.  Ron’s initial scope of work was to define technical requirements and identify potential risks, but also to be a liaison with the GIS support function at PNMR.  Ron’s performance was exemplary.  He brought more value to the table than we had originally envisioned, also intervening on important points in a Statement of Work that was already nearing signature.  The changes that Ron recommended were well received by both the internal team and the proposed LiDAR vendor and did not affect budget or schedule.  Ron’s ability to quickly grasp the goals and complexities of our project and to provide thoughtful insights to all those affected by the project within a very tight timeline were unanimously appreciated.  I would not hesitate to engage his services again.



banner_878Ron has proven himself to be an extremely useful contributor to our ongoing efforts. He has shown the ability to quickly understand our value proposition and expand upon it. We have been working with him for over a year and have been very pleased with the results. It is not often that one is able to bring someone in from outside our organization and have him contribute at a high level quickly. In addition, he is able to manage his efforts to maximize his input very efficiently. We consider him an important member of our team and expect to have a long and productive relationship.
David Shear, President


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